Caitlin Boyles

Providence College alum. New Englander.
Cape Codder. True Prep. Patriots fan. Creative mind.
Musician. Artist. Book fanatic. Closet nerd.

Loves traveling, fashion, tennis, wine and theater... Yes, I'm a sucker for Broadway. You name it, I've probably seen it! If I could dance and sing through life, I would.

Lives and breathes social media, marketing, PR.

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Story of my life… @Starbucks

Waiting to board… Very sleepy, but excited for Cabo! More tweets to come from our vacation!

Happy Holidays from the Ladies of Limewood!

Oh, what I do for my friends… A #Vikings birthday cake success!
@VikingsFootball @AdrianPeterson (Taken with instagram)

If you wanna fly, you gotta give up the shit that weighs you down.
Toni Morrison

Here are some favorites from the Yale vs. Harvard Game. Lots of blue, white, and pink? Yes, of course… can’t forget the Vineyard Vines whale hats.

Awww, what a great Cape Cod story! Good to know SD cards can survive salt water… or that a Canon (looks like a Canon Powershot) can protect an SD card from water damage.